Peapod Promo Code And Review

Peapod are renowned for offering new customers significant discounts on their products with their monthly coupon codes because they know once you try their service you will come back again and again. Currently new customers can use our official Peapod promo code to get $15 off your grocery bill as well as 2 months free delivery.

How To Use Your Peapod Coupon Code In 4 Simple Steps

To claim the latest codes follow these 4 simple steps

  1. Save any current Peapod cart and close your session.
  2. Click the relevant orange button below to reveal you coupon code. Another window will also open to the sign in page
  3. If you are already a member SIGN IN, if you are not a member, then click “Register” and sign up.
  4. Open your saved grocery cart (or create a new one), then go to the checkout. Type in your Peapod promo code (see below image) to receive your discount


Get $15 off your 1st order at Click "Reveal Coupon" to grab your code and be taken to to purchase.
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expires 31/12/2014

Philadelphia: $20 OFF 1st Order

Get $20 off your Philadelphia 1st order at Click "Reveal Coupon" to grab your code and be taken to to purchase.
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How To Claim Your Promo Code

It’s simple to use your code and get your discount. Just click on the yellow button above and note down your Peapod promo code. You will automatically be redirected to where you can sign in and enter the code in the promo box.

Peapod promo code

A Review Of Peapod

Peapod are a American based on line grocery store that offers first class products and delivery services. Peapod provide the consumer with a very simple on line website with a very easy to navigate user interface where customers can order their shopping and save their shopping lists for later use. Peapod has been actively trading for well over 25 years, setting up their first on line store in Chicago as early as 1996.

Success brought about new states, and in a few years Francisco, Houston, Columbus, Connecticut, Boston and Massachusetts  were added to their growing list of delivering states. By 2011 they delivered into Washington DC and Philidephia and New York. In August 2011 Peapod was bought out by Royal Ahold who purchased all their share base, though they continue to use the well know brand name.

New Smartphone Application Now Live

peapod mobile One inovative idea that Peapod have recently rolled out to their customer base is the use of signs containging bar codes that can be scanned by a mobile or tablet. Once scanned the online system automatically creates an order for that item on the customers account and the groceries are delivered to their house. Currently this is only trialling at railway stations in Philadelphia but there are plans to instroduce it to other states that Peapod work in.

Over the years Peapod has grown it food variety and improved their standards so that all food is now at the absolute highest quality. Anything below par, like a bruised pair or banana is immediately rejected. The list of groceries is ever expanding and now includes such things as fruit, pet food, cereals, sweets, desserts, baby food, organic food, ready meals, meat, vegetables, the list goes on and on. Peapod also accept online coupons to allow first time customers to make a saving on their purchase of goods.

Using The Peapod Online Shopping Store

peapod store

Using the online website at Peapod is very easy indeed and will be a life saver for those that really do not have the time or patience to travel and walkaround a supermarket. All the food is categorized and you can easily browse through the products and select the ones you want. A great feature is that you can actually save your shopping list. We all know that most people buy the same things most weeks, so what could be easier than recalling your existing list, making a few amendments and clicking order! You can literally do your weekly shop in a matter of seconds saving you the hassle of a two hour chore.

Not only does Peapod save you from the time it takes to shop but you will also save considerably on money. People can sometimes be put off by delivery charges that many online grocery stores apply to your order (note: Peapod offer 2 months free delivery for new customers) but think about the cost of gas and potential parking. Products are also generally cheaper online so it really does even out in the long run. The grocery companies also save on not needing to build as many grocery stores, which helps the environment surroundings.

Staff Recommendations And Promos

Usually on a daily basis Peapod staff will let you know of any promotions or products they highly recommend. This can be a good opportunity to try out some different products to make that delivery to your door a little more inviting. Coupons and Peapod promo codes are easily found on line, we currently offer the best coupons available for Peapod at the top of this article.


Very few people enjoy shopping and Peapod offer a service that can change your life for the better. No more stress, hassle or time wasting. Plus you get to save money with monthly Peapod promo code offers and coupons plus have the luxury of trying out new products you have never been able to afford before. With a rapidly expanding coverage if Peapod are not currently in your area they will be soon.

Current areas covered are: Chicagoland, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Indianapolis, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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